what is easyBondpay?

easyBondpay is an exciting bond payment facility for tenants and Property Managers looking to streamline the bond payment process.

Paying the rental bond in smaller instalments helps your tenants save money for more important things, like enjoying their new home.

Our web application platform is user friendly, with an easy and quick online application providing the tenant with a secure, efficient fortnightly or monthly instalment option at the point of property tenancy application.

Backed by secure payment processing systems, easyBondpay is a proven tool for securing new tenants faster, increasing your service offering while maximising revenue and efficiencies from the application process.

how do tenants apply?

tenant wants easyBondpay

The tenant is approved by you. You refer a funding request under your account or refer your tenant to apply directly on our website.

we confirm it

We contact you to confirm details about your tenant's application.

we approve it

The tenant is emailed an application and after a few important information checks, we approve the application.

that's it. we pay it

They pay the first instalment and we pay you the full bond upfront. Easy!