How does easyBondpay work?

easyBondpay provide same day rental bond loans to your tenants to ease the pain of moving home and streamline the bond payment process.

easyBondpay is easy to manage, with no cost to you, (the Property Manager) and same day payment of the bond in to your trust account, while your tenants will enjoy the option to repay their bond over 3 or 6 months.

What interest rate do you charge?

easyBondpay charges include an interest rate of less than {{interestRate}}% pa on the reducing balance, an application fee plus a monthly administration fee to cover our costs. The interest rate payable varies depending upon the term over which the bond is financed. The total cost to the client is disclosed in bold on our terms and conditions that are provided with each application.

What happens once the application is accepted?

Once the application has been submitted, we take care of all client interaction, any dishonours or payment queries are handled by our customer service team.

What happens if a client dishonours on their payment?

If a client dishonours their monthly payment, a reprocessing fee will be charged and we will attempt to redraw again in 7 days. The client will be notified by post. If the client then defaults on the redraw, another fee is charged and a second notice is then sent to the client.

Anything else?

We offer finance terms of 3 or 6 months in line with most residential lease terms. There is no minimum or maximum bond amount limit, and providing we receive the completed application by 3pm ACST on a business day the bond will be paid in to your trust account the same day.