How does easyBondpay work?

easyBondpay provide same day rental bond loans so you can ease the pain of moving home by paying your rental bond over 3 or 6 months with the option of fortnightly instalments.

Once you are approved for your rental property simply advise your Property Manager that you wish to pay your bond using easyBondpay. After completing our easy individual online application for your portion of the bond, we will contact your property manager to confirm some details regarding your tenancy. You will then receive an electronic loan offer where you will have to complete an income verification check prior to approval. Our loan consultant will notify you of approval within 4 business hours. If approved, a payment link will be sent to your email address provided on your application to pay your first instalment. Once this has been paid, we will be able to settle the bond to your agent within 1 business day.

What interest rate do you charge?

easyBondpay has an interest rate of less than {{interestRate}}% on the reducing balance of your loan, an application fee plus monthly administration fees to cover our costs. The interest rate payable varies depending upon the term over which the bond is financed. The total cost to you is disclosed in bold on our terms and conditions that are provided with each application.

What happens once the application is accepted?

If your approval has been confirmed and your loan is accepted prior to 3.00pm ACST on a business day, we can pay your bond in the same afternoon between 3:30-5.00pm ACST - provided we have the necessary payment details. Your property manager will receive confirmation of this payment via email with Remittance Advice for their reference. If your application is finalized after this time, your bond will be paid the following business afternoon between 3:30-5.00pm ACST.

Can you pre-approve applicants for bond loans?

At this stage, we are unable to pre-approve applicants for bond loans. You must already be approved for a rental property before we can accurately assess you against our Lending Criteria.

How do I know if I have been approved?

To assess your application, we are required to analyse your last 90 days bank statement transactions against our Lending Criteria. This process is completed quickly, securely and easily using our partner, Credit Sense. To view Credit Sense's privacy policy, click here. To learn more about Credit Sense please visit their website.

You will need to enter your internet banking login details, but for your peace of mind, your bank log-in credentials are completely hidden (except from you and your bank), encrypted using the same level of encryption as most banks and deleted immediately.

This easy process takes less than 90 seconds to complete, allowing us to assess your application quickly and let you concentrate on more important things like moving home.

Do you fund bonds for Private Rental Properties?

We are not able to fund bonds for private rentals or onsite managers. We are only able to provide bond loans for properties leased through registered real estate agencies.

How long do I have to pay off my loan?

We offer finance terms of 3 or 6 months in line with most residential lease terms. If you would like to pay your loan off earlier than your agreed finance period as stated in your contract, you will simply incur a flat $20 pay out fee in order to finalise your loan.

Anything else?

Our friendly Customer Service team are here to help, so please contact us either by phone on 1300 022 663 or email us at